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Electronic version numbers

Analecta Veterinary Journal is an OJS publication. You can see all about Analecta  on http://revistas.unlp.edu.ar/analecta

Electronic access to Analecta Veterinaria

The numbers of the Journal starting from the Volume 18 are available in file format: pdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader®) that it can be printed in any printer that allows to differentiate scale of gray or color. It is recommended that the same one possesses a minimum resolution of 600 x 600 dpi.


Citation reference of Electronic Version

References and bibliography on the text must be written according to the example of the article:

Costa EF et al. 1998. Alteraciones en la diferenciación y proliferación celular cutánea en bovinos, inducidas por hipervitaminosis D de origen vegetal. Analecta Veterinaria. 18:7-13. Downloaded from http://www.fcv.unlp.edu.ar/analecta